Thursday, March 12, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

170109 | Happy Fighting Each Other Day!

I can't get anything out from my brain. I'm pissed and i need a piss. I'm holding on to it. Well, i was loitering at my pals apartment and this song was playing on his stereo. I love the soul put on to the song, it just hits the whole madness.

Here goes the lyrics.

You speak of Rastafari,
but how can you justify belief in a God that's left you behind?

You've simply filled the gap between the upper and lower class and your faith merely keeps you in line.

An Gamation of Jewish scripture and Christian thought.
what will that get you? not a fuck of a lot.

Take a look at your promised land. your deed is that gun in your hand.

Mount Zion's a minefield.

The West bank.
The Gaza Strip.
Soon to be parking lots for American Tourists and Fascist cops.

Fuck Zionism.
Fuck Militarism.
Fuck Americanism.
Fuck Nationalism.
Fuck Religion.
Fuck Religion.
Fuck Religion.

Haille Does Hebron by Propaghandi


Sunday, January 11, 2009

120109 | Gaza look who's talking;

The whole morning, i wasted my time reading 'blogs' and kept on reading till my guts were drown in to this kind of crapy feeling i get. I took a gasp looking out my window. The auntie who was browsing in the dumpster looked quite happy with the amount of aluminum cans in her sack. Still no bombing outside. I went to bomb the toilet bowl.

Rolled a fag while doing my thing on this pleasury ceramic bowl. Lighted it on and i felt a sudden disgust. I was'nt disgust with my body wastage. My mind was disgusted with all those 'pitty and hate' writting about whats goes over the Gaza strip.

Of course,as a practising human being, I agree about on how monstrous the bombing of Gaza is. I agree that the killing of thousands potrays the animalistic behaviour of the Israel soldiers. A total disgust. Inhumanity and so on, you name it. The realms of reality is sad.


It's more disgusting to read all of these angry and soppy blog posting with the enormous amount of hate toss upon. The reason its disgusting because these pathethic bloggers who writes this kind of pitty crap are the ones who are most caught up in their own skin. These pathethic bloggers condemn the cruelness of the Israely soldiers but they themselves express enough hate and cruelty from their hearts. I found enough Israely hearted soldiers already now.

110109 | I Rat Therefore I Quit

My last visit to the post office was maybe a decade ago. I took a Rapid Transit bus instead of the usual box train to the big Kuala Lumpur Post Office which stands beside the Klang River. Why am i writting this up? Because today i made a stupid decision to get out of my four wall hive, out from my leisure solitude and i pass upon to many hateful souls. Dead souls running around this so call mother city of Malaysia. I got no dove to send this 'resign letter' of mine.

Yes, i need to resign. Resign from being miserable in taking orders and giving orders. Resign from sitting with selfless clients who needs me to create a pleasant image to hide up their pungent stench. Resign from being a major mofo with a high intense of vexation towards the 'proud of my skin' society. I surely resign now from existing in the three-storey concrete block which contains a bunch of swindling beings.

I slipped the letter in to the red box this morning. Relief. Liberated. I smile upon my next point of existing.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

080109 | Against me Lady Demeter

My skin is dry. As dry as my cold feet. I'm running ill again for the 3rd time within 2 months. Mentally have i collapse. I've been inhaling to much tar and nicotine. I cant seem to breath naturally. She has discarded me from her life and i've been ignored like a stranger who just tries hard to whisper out a pleasent wish. Why? i cant scarcely come out with any assumptions as it is as dreadful to do so. I'm dry on ideas and i'm sinking in a drama. I created a scenario which i myself seems to be confused enough.

Have i hurt you enough mother of all nature? Bore me to death o wise lady demeter. Tell me the exciting stories as well as the one you had me on to.