Sunday, December 14, 2008

151208| Another 10 days to Hannukah

Hannukah? I've never been exposed to this Eight-Days Festival of Light. Looking forward to i experienced it I'm still wondering on how Deepavali shares the same concept of celebrating the appreciations towards the form of light. Well, in Malaysia we only mark the 25th of December as the day Christ was born.
i'm in a total bloody mess. I've been in solitude for almost a week. Restrained under these four walls. I'm still not inspired. Mental blocked with fluids of discrimination towards the human race. I decided to not attend my office which is just a kilometer far. I'm not prepared to face another tortured soul who craves for attention. I've gone bitter for quite sometime. I've been listening to much of space ambience these couple of days and without any substances this time i continued dreaming above. My writting is a mess.

Sandra, i think of you most of my days and i cant seem to forget and erase.

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