Sunday, November 9, 2008

081108 | 97-Shiki - SEA Tour - Kuala Lumpur

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It took me almost 15 minutes to cross the bloody road. Cars just kept on moving fast both ways. I never liked Ampang due to this traffic manner.

The 'doorguy' politely ask me to leave my Guiness before entering the hall. Well,he was polite so i did left the 2/3 full can outside. As i entered this so called 'Noisy Warehouse', i straightly felt the heat with a mixture of vaporized sweat from the crowd. There was this acoustic all-girl band, Pips(if i'm not mistaken) on stage with feministical banners around them. The crowd cheered. Wait, mistake.The 'guys' cheered.

The performance was quite enthusiast but they really did'nt know how to balance up the sound. So all the buzzes from the amps killed parts of their performance. The songs were
good but the sound just ruined it.herm.

The heat forced me out for a fag. Finished up my drink and went back inside.

Another all girl band except for the drummer. I did'nt capture the name of the band. Loud. I asked the dude beside me. Bottle Cup. His whisper was'nt clear enough to form a correct pronunciation. Great showmanship, the singer and the guitarist was trying to move around the small stage. I started liking them when they did a Joan Jett cover but then again, too much cover songs.

97-Shiki, the next band (i don't know whats with the name). American post-punk. The bassist dude was huge. They did a really great firing set. They had bits of Fugazi and Nomeansno, with lots of rhythmic attacking drums and bassline together with brilliant shrieking guitar play. Love it. I could'nt see them clear enough as i was standing far back but the live performance really did made my heart beat to it. They also did a brilliant cover of the infamous 'Oppression' originally by the Malaysian's infamous and scandalous Carburetor Dung. Nice.

The next band was this metallic girl band, Oditty. The heat distracted my concentration.
I was damn wet with the stench of sweat, so i decided to go home.

Left the venue and continued drinking somewhere else.

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