Sunday, November 23, 2008

221108 | Rhetorica

I miss shoplifting booze at the local seven eleven
because now i can afford to buy crates of beer and stout;

I miss staying all night long laughing and talking to the same guys till morning comes,
because now we live in separate places;

I miss sleeping and missing classes during the day just let things go by,
because now i have to be at the office everyday to earn money;

I miss being a loser and not having somebody to love,
because now i have a girlfriend who loves me too much;

I miss being yelled at by my lecturer for wearing torn jeans with a scruffy look,
because now i have to wear a tidy shirt and sometimes a tie doing presentations at clients;

I miss walking for miles whenever i got not enough money for the bus fair,
because now i drive a second hand car which runs pretty good;

I miss drinking cheap compound liquor with plain water in the park in front of our flat,
because now we open bottles of liquor by the name of Jack Daniels in a club or discotheque,

I miss writting songs and playing guitar in our small room stuffed with tar and nicotine,
because now i play guitar alone in my own room with a good ventilation;

I miss setting up hair together from the tall mohawk to the durian spikes before going to gigs,
because now my friend the hairstylist has joined the police force,

I miss all the snores and whacky sleeping styles while trying to squeeze up on a mattress just to sleep,
because now i sleep on my own bed with a thick mattress and extra pillows,

I miss sharing a meal which was enough for 2 or 3 persons,
because now i eat the whole meal by myself;

I miss sleeping whenever my stomach growls starving,
because now when i 'm hungry i just grab anything from my food cabinet,

I miss having guest from everywhere hanging in our house, the Bangledesh waiter, Caucassian visitors,Bum friends and the bored girls next block,
because now my landlady puts a limit for guest who comes;

I miss I miss I miss
And I dont miss;

1 comment:

DEP said...

That's the whole point of not having something, i guess. So we could have the opportunity to 'miss' them.

Weird shit eh?