Monday, November 10, 2008

111108 | Solid Splat

I could'nt sleep well last night. My ears detected some frequency buzz. My brain neurons translated it to splattered images. Jean Baptise Grenouille, (in Patrick Suskind's Perfume) was gifted in sniffing details of the smallest odour surrounding. I figured that i was gifted too, but more on the hearing senses. Well, i'm not gifted but i do share the abomination personage like Grenouille. Haha.

Every time i have a tune or melody in my head, it directs me to visuals of people i know, situations i've met or places i've been. It does sound a bit dodgy but seriously i'm facing it as a problem where sometimes i dont want to remember people. Every person who i know in Kuala Lumpur has a melody tag to them. Sometimes i create my own tune for them, sometimes its just songs from any singer or band.

I took the guitar on to the bed with me. After the third strum, i abandoned it on the floor. Its not was not my own tune this time. It was Nick Cave consequently moving in to a Bob Dylan melody. And then, my mind projected this person i knew. Sigh.

I need to sleep over it.


" I ain't lookin' to compete with you, Beat or cheat or mistreat you, Simplify you, classify you, Deny, defy or crucify you, All I really want to do, Is, baby, be friends with you. "
All I Really Want To Do by Bob Dylan

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