Wednesday, November 19, 2008

201108 | Free Love - Feed Us With Your Love - CD

Disappointing. Just sip my cup of joe, leaning on my chair. Bought this Free Love CD for RM20 at their album launch last two weeks. This morning it turned down my expectation towards this band who were doing pretty good before. Jay, tell me what happened. I know you've been going through a tough time before this, but that does'nt give Free Love a reason to make such lame songs. I really do like your earlier releases, 'Indie Rock Darling' and so, which really does have that sincere poppish rawness of rock n roll. What happened to the influences of Sebadoh, J. Mascis and Dinosaur Jr? I just hope that other bands at Body Surf like Muck and Harmacy would'nt fall for the typical Kuala Lumpur kind of indie rock, full of blind glamourish mono blend. Well wish you guys the best in your next release.
While i was at the album launch, this band really caught my attention. I really thought they were some local KL band wearing all black outfits but they turned out to be a band from Jakarta, Indonesia. Songs and performance was really good. They're called Denial and i cant deny they're songs are really nice with how the set up their sound. I totally love the guitar harmonies which goes well with the dried damp guitar sound. Do check them out and i hope that they come here again as for i did'nt purchase any of their stuffs that day.

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Sketch your brain! said...

hey, i'm with you on the freelove CD. i loved 'indie rock darling' and 'hey ho i love you' from the comps. while i was at the ricecooker trying to review the CD for ricecooker zine, i'm just squeezing my head so much i can't write and i think it's boring!! i've been waiting for their debut for too long and maybe expected something good. but...