Wednesday, November 12, 2008

131108 | Sweet Sweat

Quite a hectic morning. My stomach growled after i fed my ears with the whole album, 'Enemy of The Sun' by Neurosis.

On my ride to the office, i sat next to this big Persian guy. He was not calm, sweating in this air-conditioned box. Too much American movies, i gave him the terrorist nickname, Osama. I assume there's a C4 bomb in his sling bag and he's signaling something to his mate on the other end of this box when suddenly he nodded twice. I got off at my stop.

He was no terrorist. It was just the armpit odour which rose the sense of paranoia and discrimination in me. I continued my walk and changed to a heavier playlist on my ipod. It starts out with Machine Head's 'I'm Your God Now' continues into Godflesh's 'Time, Death and Wastefulness'. An industrial ambience to light up my will to work.


I first watched a really good live local Industrial metal band in 1995. The band was called Infectious Maggots lead by this guy name Fathul(also with this indie band Spiral Kinetic Circus). They were really good for a local band and sounded more sincere than wannabe bands like Love Me Butch. I did watch Love Me Butch twice, once in Seremban and the other was at a recent KAMI gig. They were really lame both of the time. They were really good musicians, especially the guitarist But their songs were way too lame. It did not had any substance and the charismatic soul in their songs. For me its like they were trying hard to be like some other band. I remember how they were trying hard to imitate Chino's Deftones and then later Meshuggah. Well at least they tried way better than this band called Estranged or Pop Shuvit. herm.

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