Thursday, November 13, 2008

141108 | Sillhouete i

I am scarcely pissed. I was waiting for my usual sheep ride to work this morning. I went in line, i was patience enough but time was running short. So i tried to squeeze in the first box that arrived. The door could not close cause my feet were slightly out of the border. It slammed a couple of times, still the 'ding-dong' sound assured it not to close. There was actually some more space in the box for one person but all these selfish sheeps were not giving way for me to squeeze. I gave up and did'nt go to work today. I'm not going to be a sheep today. I walked back home and plugged my ears with the abstracts of Sonic Youth.


I lay my head on my cushy pillow to this mystical flashback. A time where i was'nt in face with reality. Floating high on the excitement of emotions. I still remember it crystal clear in the dark, where i knew and met a soul. A soul which i can relate. Talk bout anything for hours, looking straight in each others eyes, with no worries. Shared the same piece of mind over cans of dark beer. Completely motionless. Comfortable. We were in contact for a month which contained 365 days. That was end of it. I was in the dark confused with a small bright light. The light dissapered and I just can glimpse back to that mystical timezone nowadays. No explanation. No remorse. No nothing when nothing was everything. All i can see now is only mere semblance of a LJY sillhouete. I need to snore back.

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