Wednesday, November 19, 2008

201108 | Sillhoute ii

I went deep inside in to my muladhara, on the base where i sat. On the floor, within these four walls absorbing all the contaminated particles of dust. I could'nt sleep and it has been 2 days. Disturbed by my ungoverned emotions, i need to stabilize it on this base of muladhara.

LJY's smiles. LJY's eyes which deeply stared. LJY's laughs. LJY's brilliant soul. Affected my soul. Beautiful chakra.

has rise from my muladhara. Really needed to come clear to reality. My senses are strong which is quite disturbing right now. Chemistry bond so strong but i need to refuse. I've been discarded, deleted and remove. I need to accept that situation has objected the the unifying of souls. LJY, a sillhouete today fading in this momment of mindly chaos. I'll come back later LJY, when the world turns much more better, the wind blows from another direction and when i am free to just hold you wherever.

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